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Archaeological Survey Services

For accurate plans of archaeological sites, buildings and landscapes, professionally produced surveys can provide much of the information needed for interpretation, conservation, education and informing future site management. Surveys can be tailored to the client's specification and undertaken at large scale or mapping scale and in combination with other forms of research if required, including desk-based, historical, aerial etc. The product can be output in a variety of formats including 3D digital terrain models (DTM), earthwork (hachure) plans, CAD drawings, layered GIS files, and conventional illustrations for reports and publication.

GPS Survey

Dual frequency global positioning for accurate geo-referenced topographical plans or rapid reconnaissance of open landscapes, including moorland, heathland, farmland and coastal areas.

GPS Archaeological Survey
EDM survey in a plantation

Total Station Survey

For surveys in woodland and for building surveys, or used in combination with GPS.

LiDAR Interpretation

Georeferenced LiDAR transcriptions followed by ground truthing and field interpretation.

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Analytical Earthwork Survey 

Accurately measured survey and field anlysis has a long tradition in the recording of earthworks and other landscape features and remains the best and most cost-effective means of informing understanding and management of many types of archaeological sites, where physical evidence survives at all levels of compexity.

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