1998 The Dartmoor Tin Industry: A Field Guide. Newton Abbot: Chercombe

2006 ‘'Tinworking and the Landscape of Medieval Devon c.1150 – 1700’' In Turner, S (ed) Medieval Devon and Cornwall: Shaping an Ancient Countryside. Macclesfield: Windgather

2011The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor.Swindon: EH Research Monograph

Journal Articles

1994 ‘'Tinners and tenants on south-west Dartmoor: A case study in landscape history' Rep Trans Devonshire Ass126, 199-238.

1995 '‘Week Ford Tin Mills, Dartmoor’ 'Proc Devon Archaeol Soc51

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2003 ‘'Druid Mine, Ashburton' Rep Trans Devonshire Ass135

2006 '‘Recording Dartmoor’ s Extractive Industries’' Industrial Arch Review29

Jointly Authored

1994 with T Greeves '‘Tin-working and land Use in the Walkham Valley: a Preliminary Analysis' ’ Proc Devon Archaeol Soc52

2003 Newman P and Salvatore J ‘'A Second World War Coast Battery at Battery Gardens Brixham' ’ Proc Devon Archaeol Soc61

2011 with T Greeves The Great Courts of Devon Tinners 1510 and 1710. DTRG Occassional Publication 2

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