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Archaeological Research, Survey and Geomatics

by Dr Phil Newman BA, FSA

Investigation, survey and analysis of archaeological remains visible to the naked eye provide the foundations for any archaeological project, be it in advance of development, a precursor to excavation, or as a means of assisting management decisions within protected landscapes and other areas selected for conservation.

Though specialised, the technique can be applied to sites of any period and of any size, at various levels of detail. The results can be made available promptly in a range of accessible formats and survey projects may be designed to complement a host of other archaeological methods.

Surveys need to be thorough, accurate and of a high professional standard, but also cost-effective.

With over twenty years of professional experience, I can provide a range of survey services to suit the requirements of developers, archaeological consultants, government agencies, local authorities, national park authorities, NGOs and landowners.

Types of work tendered for include:


  • Landscape Survey 1:2500 mapping scale (EH Level 2) for GIS, CAD or reports

  • Earthwork Survey (EH Level 3) using GPS, Total Station or graphical methods, large-scale analytical surveys at 1:1000 and 1:500 scale

  • Site investigations for assessment and condition surveys – EH Level 1 site surveys for Heritage Management Plans, Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) awards etc.


  • Rapid assessments: including desktop assessments, HER searches and aerial photo transcription

  • Documentary research: Record office and specialist literary and cartographic research to complement fieldwork

  • Training in archaeological survey and landscape investigation using modern or traditional methods, for students or community projects

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